This spring, Ms. Tanya, Level 2’s music director, asked her choristers:
“How was your year in chorus?”
The replies she received are amazing, heart-warming, insightful, and thoughts to be cherished forever! Enjoy reading what being in chorus has meant to these children!

I love music! I can’t say I only liked a COUPLE things. I like EVERYTHING!!! I hope I can come next year. My favorite FAVORITE parts were singing in different languages and playing the dancing/singing games.

My experience here at Level 2 in Contra Costa Children’s Chorus is a wonderful one! Miss Tanya is very kind and she’s very clear when she is giving directions. All of the people are nice here too. I have lots of friends and it’s a happy place to be.

In Level 2 I feel I’m a level higher but level 2 is also very good. One of my favorite songs is “The Singing Bird.” (I had it memorized.) I also liked meeting new friends (I’m very watchful). The last thing that I liked is my teacher. (Very funny, smart, and other good reasons too.) This is my experience of Level 2.

I learned what a staff is and the notes on the staff like FACE, GB and D. Also I learned to open your mouth up and down to hit higher notes. Also I learned new songs and all most all of them! The real thing I like about Level 2 is because of my teacher because she is sooo funny. That is why I like Level 2.

In Level 2 my favorite dance is “My Paddle’s Keen and Bright.” My favorite song from the Earth Day Concert is “Crawdad Hole.” In Level 2 I learned all about notes and how many beats the notes make. In Level 2 I also learned how Mrs. Tanya always stays on topic, and never lets a wrong note fly. I also learned how determined some people in chorus can be. I have never thought about music in the ways I have learned in Level 2. Thank you Mrs. Tanya!

My favorite experience was after the winter concert. It is that, because when I got off the stage I could see that we were all there and had an awesome time singing. I also liked that everyone was cheering for us.

Dear hwo is reading this, This has been a dream come true to learn how to sing better. I also like singing in a grupe and as a team. This smester I sherly learned more than I did before thanks to you. Your student…

Level 2 is cool. Ms. Tanya is funny and stcit at the same time! But, level two is still cool. So, I think I will be in corus for a long time!

I really liked Level 2 because I learned new songs. But my favorite is the Dolphin Song. I like the Dolphin Song because I am good at it in pitch…sort of. But I did memorize it and I like dolphins and I learned a lot about dolphins from the Dolphin Song. I also liked the Derby Ram and La Ranita. I have very good friends in chorus. I really liked the Christmas conserts. ( I am not sure I spelled it correctly.)

My Experience: I really enjoy learning, although I wish to learn more complex things. My favorite song was “Dolphin Song” because I am learning about dolphins in class and they are really intelligent. I enjoyed every single bit of choir. I enjoyed learning funny songs.

I learned a lot from Level 2 this year. I learned how to control my voice, to sing soft or hard when I need to, or how to sing without hurting my vocal cores, and much more. I really think Ms. Tanya is a good teacher. She is fun, caring, hilarious, enthusiastic, and chooses the best songs, that are good for us. She also knows dicipline, and knows mischief when she sees it. I am not ready to go to Level 3 yet.

My year has been great. I have learned a lot and picked up things that I didn’t pick up last year. You have been a great teacher. As a benefit, I can answer a lot of questions the teachers ask. I think I have made it clear that my past three years especially this year, have been great opportunities for me to learn new stuff.

I had a lot of fun singing in Level 2 and I also made a lot of friends.

Below are testimonials from some of our broader community of friends, family and community.

CCCC taught me more than musical skill (though it definitely taught me that).

It taught me things that were much more wide-reaching: diligence, dedication, time management, organization, leadership, cooperation, friendship, and the value of hard work. And I must admit that when I sat down to write my personal statement for my graduate school applications, I found myself reflecting on my time in CCCC, even though I graduated from it 5 years ago. I also found myself writing about my exposure to various cultures and the amount of time and effort it took to master a musical piece for international tours. And while none of this directly relates to my field of study, the lessons I learned as a chorister absolutely translate into my success now

by CCCC Student

We want to thank you for making tough choices, your vision, leadership, opportunities, and your unbelievable energy.

I  couldn’t believe it when my daughter came to me and said, ‘Mom, I will never forget the feeling of excitement and pride I felt when we went on stage at Carnegie Hall!  The challenging music and long rehearsals made us better than all the rest!’   We firmly embrace the vision you so capably champion. We appreciate what you give every member of CCCC.


by CCCC Parent

One of the most remarkable performances of any choir of any age I’ve ever heard.


by Dr. Charlene Archibeque - Director of Choral Studies, San Jose State University

Their sound is remarkably professional.

 These children capture the audience’s hearts with their brilliant performance skills.


by Barry Jekowsky - Conductor, California Symphony

I have the time of my life working with Contra Costa Children’s Chorus.

Their rigorous training, which enables them to learn at an astonishing speed, is combined with as ability for creative and independent thinking – something that very few choirs ever encourage. There are many highly trained groups whose sound, however polished, puts me to sleep; but whenever Contra Costa sings, something really happens. I say their training and the emotional commitment in performance make them a global role model for choirs of all ages.


by Stephen Hatfield - Composer

My association with Contra Costa Children’s Chorus will always be one of my most satisfying musical experiences.

One cannot be directly associated with this organization without being caught up in their pride of accomplishment and joy of participation.  This community is indeed fortunate to be represented by CCCC and to share in its artistic accomplishments.  I will always be grateful and honored to have my name associated with Contra Costa Children’s Chorus.

by James Mulholland – Composer

CCCC helps me be truly myself.

“Learning to be self-disciplined has helped me with school and athletics. I swim, play baseball, volleyball, basketball and best of all…I sing!”

by CCCC Student

I appreciate your insistence on excellence as does my daughter, who has remarked several times and in different ways, that the hard work and high quality are connected and worth the effort!

by CCCC Parent

It was Exquisitely done.

Like beautiful pearls one after another. The innocence of the voices …The voices of the children were haunting…this was the most perfect performance of this piece I think that will ever be done. It takes a great conductor to “let” a performance come through. It was effortlessly powerful. I cannot thank you all enough for your respect and reverence towards these beloved firefighters.

by Jessica Locke – Composer: Reading of the Names