Registering for ShopWithScrip

ScripNow electronic gift cards are available from many retailers, and can be ordered and printed from your ShopWithScrip® account.  The ScripNow eCard is delivered to your ShopWithScrip account in minutes when you pay for your order with PrestoPay – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Print the certificate and redeem it in stores, or copy and paste the code at checkout to apply to an online purchase. You can also order and redeem ScripNow right from your phone using Purchasing via ShopWithScrip benefits the chorus because retailers rebate a portion of proceeds to CCCC for every dollar purchased (sometimes exceeding 15%).

Each dollar in scrip that you purchase has the equivalent dollar value so you are not paying more for ShopWithScrip than if you paid with cash.  CCCC has selected ShopWithScrip because it is accepted by retailers that you already use.  Here are some of the most popular retailers.

After registering with ShopWithScrip you will need to create a PrestoPay account that securely links to your checking account for purchasing ScripNow eCards.  You can manage all of your eCards and use them via your smartphone at most major retailers via the mobile website

Step 1: Register with ShopWithScrip

Register for ShopWithScrip using Enrollment Code BL84CECF45781

(You can leave the “Classroom / Group” field blank)

Step 2: Sign up for PrestoPay

Once you are logged in, you can sign up for PrestoPay using this link:

Presto Pay Signup (must be logged in to ShopWithScrip)

Here’s a detailed video showing how to signup for PrestoPay.

Step 3: Purchasing ScripNow

Now that you’re registered with ShopWithScrip and signed up for PrestoPay you can purchase ScripNow eCards from your computer using or from your mobile device using the website (uses your ShopWithScrip login credentials).

When ordering ScripNow, make sure you select the ScripNow symbol:


Thank you for supporting CCCC!  If you have any questions or issues contact support at 800.727.4715 option 3 (M-F, 6:00 am – 2:00 pm PST).