Supporting Programs


Children aged 4 to 5 years old who want to sing but might be too young for our regular choir program are encouraged to join Metrognomes.

In this pre-choir class we lay the foundation for the musical skills developed in the choir program including:

•  Building a strong sense of inner beat

•  Discovering the child’s natural singing voice

•  Learning songs and rhymes which prepare the ear for melodic and rhythmic literacy

•  Interacting with peers in a playful, creative, supportive setting

• Fostering imagination and a sense of wonder

In each 45 minute class, your child will speak, sing and move through multiple songs and games. Whether choir is in the future plan or not,  these elemental activities support your child’s social and intellectual development while sharing the rich, multi-cultural musical heritage we as Americans in the 21st century enjoy.


metrognomes logoSmall sample of repertoire used in recent 10 week session:

•  American – Train is a comin’ – pentatonic spiritual

•  Brazilian – Abra a Roda – rhythmic movement song

•  Congolese – Che Che Koolay – movement and counting game

•  English – Fiddle-dee-dee – story song about a fly and a bee

•  Hungarian – Naughty Kitty Cat – “meowing” song/game

There are no placement interviews for this program, for more information please contact the chorus here.


Summer Music Institute

Summer Music Institute is usually held for 8 days at the end of July/first week of August of every year.  It is a mandatory activity for all Level 4 choristers.  SMI is an essential part of the Level 4 season. We focus on learning the repertoire for the upcoming choral year. The hours spent at SMI learning a major part of this music comprises as many or more hours than that of the chorus year. Choristers learn the expression, dynamics and nuances of each song that the director imparts.

The curriculum includes:  music theory, vocal technique instruction, rhythm training through choreography, movement classes, African Drumming and Steel Pan Drumming workshops. Depending on the year, choristers may work with well-renowned guest clinicians and composers.  SMI is an intense community-building experience, as well. SMI is a social bonding time, creating a “musical team” which is as important as learning the music. Members look forward to evening camp fires, movie night, talent shows, and drumming concerts.