CCCC Euro Tour 2016 Journal #9

Heidelberg, Germany

This was a gift for the prince’s new bride. The entrance to her new home, Heidelberg Castle.


We visited the Heidelberg Castle today. From the view high atop the mountain we were able to see the church where we will perform this afternoon!


What an amazing final concert today!!! The chorus was completely unified in sound, the church was the perfect venue, and our audience very appreciative of their artistry. They were awesome!

We had a wonderful farewell dinner with Berkeley Community Chorus at a lovely restaurant on the main square. Several of our chorus parents were in attendance as well, to join in the celebration.

I am so proud of this tour group – they have been model choristers, sung beautifully, embraced new experiences, and shared their talents with other cultures. An older gentleman watched them sing today, and beamed and clapped enthusiastically after each song. His daughter wanted to leave and he shook his head and held up his finger, “just one more”! We touched someone today!

Tomorrow morning, before dawn, we leave for the airport and home, and tonight we bid farewell to beautiful Heidelberg. We have had a fabulous tour together, and return with wonderful memories and lasting friendships. Thank you parents for the gift of tour you have given your child and our level 4 choir!Tour9-4