CCCC Euro Tour 2016 Journal #4

Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Ypres

Fun times at the MAS museum in Antwerp


Welcome dinner at a beautiful riverside restaurant in Antwerp, shared with the Berkeley Chorus.
Yesterday we visited Ghent and Bruges. It has rained throughout our bus ride, but the heavens cleared in time for our canal cruise! Perfect timing! That night we had our first Verdi concert, at the Concertgebouw – what a wonderful, acoustically fantastic performance space. It was well attended, and well received. We had multiple bows from the audience. Got back to the hotel bymidnight, tired but very happy for another good day in Belgium!
Today we went to Ypres, in Flanders. Here we are at the medieval wall surrounding this lovely little town. We had time to shop, investigate, sing in the square to appreciative passersby. We had a fabulous dinner and then went to the magnificent Ypres St Martin’s Cathedral for our second performance of the Verdi Requiem. Tomorrow we travel to Cologne Germany, where we will have a walking tour of the old city and the incredible cathedral. Then we head to Heidelberg, our new “home base.”
Our performance space!
Singing in the square
St Martin’s Cathedral
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CCCC Euro Tour 2016 Journal #3

It was a busy day!  Following breakfast, we changed into concert attire and walked to St.  Andrieskerk. We then sang for the mass.  The mass was well attended, and they got a long, loud applause at the end of the service.
After the service we went to a local open air market for lunch, including Belgium waffles covered in whipped cream and drizzled with…chocolate!  Back to the hotel to board the bus for Belare, about one hour away for rehearsal with full orchestra, soloists and chorus!  Pretty exciting to hear it all come together.  We topped off the day with a fantastic joint welcome dinner in a beautiful restaurant right on the Schelde River – fantastic food and desserts!  Then the kids sang for BCCO and were very enthusiastically received.  The restaurant filmed it and will be posting it on Facebook!  Then we all went outside and sang a round together which was also filmed, before running for our bus and well deserved bedtime.
Tomorrow we are off to Ghent, and Bruges, and our first Verdi concert at the Concertgebouw.
Was too busy to take photos today, but will find someone tomorrow who did so we can share the good times.
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CCCC Euro Tour 2016 Journal #2

Singing at St. Andrieskerk

We are singing at mass this morning in the beautiful St Andrew’s Cathedral.
The sound lingers in the air as they sing – beautiful acoustics!
Today we also rehearse with BCCO and our full local orchestra.
Tonight we will join together for a lovely Welcome dinner.
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