Argentina Tour Diary 2014, Part 3

Monday June 30

We had our final concert last night at this beautiful estate, the Victoria Ocampo Museum, near Martín’s childhood neighborhood. There were lots of friends and family there to watch and listen – very poignant.

 Victoria Ocampo was an Argentinean writer, very ahead of her time, a feminist, a forward-thinker and great supporter of the arts. We sang outdoors at her mansion (yes, it got a little chilly in the end) but we made up for it with the warmth of our sound.

It was great to get to meet some of Martín’s St Patrick’s School Buenos Aires alumns! They had sung Elgar The Snow and Take Me Home, Country Roads 23 years ago under Martín’s direction!!!


Today we are packing, getting ready for our last day in Argentina.  We have a river cruise, a farewell lunch and final shopping to look forward to, then on to the airport and home.
We have had a wonderful tour – beautiful weather, beautiful cities, warm and welcoming people, and lots of great music!  A trip we will all remember.  Thank you parents for enabling your children to experience this fabulous exchange of music and culture!!!