Argentina Tour Diary 2014, Part 2

Wednesday, June 25th
This is the fantastic Teatro Municipal in Santa Fe where we sang a performance Wednesday night. The house was PACKED and the acoustics very pleasant plus a Bosendorfer piano for Paul Caccamo. We had a great exchange with the choirs in Santa Fe. So warm and welcoming… memorable.


Thursday, June 26th
Today we left Santa Fe – hard to leave behind such a fabulous experience and beautiful city!  Martin’s family joined us for a celebration dinner after our concert last night.  They are understandably very proud of him !



Today we stopped for a choir exchange in Santo Tome. Such a warm welcome, a live interview with the local TV station, and fabulous music. They sang two beautiful songs; then we performed, then we joined together to sing Elgar’s “The Snow.”

The choirs were exchanging emails, and very reluctant to part.  It was such a highlight where we least expected. They were so warm, and welcoming and talented. A heartwarming experience. Tonight we are in Buenos Aires, and tomorrow we visit the Estancia Ranch for a look at gaucho life.

Friday, June 27th
Today we drove 1 1/2 hrs into the countryside for a day at the ranch. Everyone rode a horse, or had a ride in a horse and cart, ate another fabulous meal of excellent grilled beef/chicken and vegetables, watched a tango dance, folk dance and a rhythmic dance with metal balls on ropes – fabulous!!! After our meal we watched a gaucho display of horsemanship. When it was all over the gauchos graciously gave individual rides to all our choristers! Quite a highlight. We had another great meal tonight and are ready for a good sleep so we are rested for tomorrow’s workshop and performance.