Argentina Tour Diary 2014, Part 1

Saturday, June 21st

San Francisco to Miami 

At the Miami airport after learning our flight to Montevideo had been canceled.

Our tour manager Steven arranged for an overnight at the Marriott, shuttle service to and from, fresh fruit from the market – we love him and World Projects!





Sunday, June 22nd

We boarded our new plane this morning at 7:15, for an uneventful trip to Uruguay. Everyone slept, lights out on the plane, right after breakfast service.  8 hrs and 42 minutes later, we entered Uruguay.




Lovely small airport in this Capitol city, Montevideo, and a quick customs, luggage collection and scan, then boarded our beautiful bus for the InterCity Hotel, and our welcome dinner together!






Here we are after a long day and a lovely meal full of fresh veggies and chops or pasta. Sleeping well tonight because tomorrow is our first performance – exciting!!!






Monday, June 23rd 

Sightseeing Monday morning in Montevideo…
We had a great tour of the city, had lunch and it poured rain for our walk back to the hotel… now we are stalling for time.
This spot seemed like a must pic! Getting ready now for our first concert tonight.


Great 1st concert last night. Kids sang well, were poised and professional. We were very well received by a warm audience on a rainy Monday evening. Shared concert with two other choirs. Especially good was a men’s chorus from Montevideo, Drakkar, which sang a beautiful Biebl Ave Maria. Our Elgar The Snow rocked! Turns out that the 1st violinist was somebody Martin had worked with before in Jamaica!

Tuesday, June 24th

We are staying in a fabulous hotel in Santa Fe, right on the river – gorgeous! Great group photo op!

Wednesday, June 25th 

On the town square in front of the beautiful governor’s offices in Santa Fe. Today was Flag Day, and all 8 yr old students came to the square and pledged allegiance to the flag and country of Argentina. We were lucky to watch! Then we had a city tour and lunch together while watching the soccer match between Argentina and Nigeria – the streets were empty because everyone was watching the match. When we left, the crowd was thrilled- Argentina was ahead!
We are leaving soon for our workshop with Virginia Bono and her choir.  Big performance tonight at the Municipal Theatre in Sante Fe, and dinner together afterward.